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S/I Pattern

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High S/I Pattern

The S/I patterned person is generally friendly and attentive to people and tasks. S/Is are usually empathetic and supportive. However, they tend to avoid conflict at any cost.

Personal Drive

Maintaining peace and harmony; security

Personal Giftedness

Expressing gentleness and kindness

Group Giftedness

Projecting hospitality; being loyal to friends

Internal Fear

Having to face dissension and conflict

Overextended Strengths

Overuses kindness; compromises self to maintain harmony

Under Stress

Becomes gentle and accommodating; internalizes conflict

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Being able to free oneself of security blankets

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Being firm and following through with actions

Best Team Members

Pure D, D=I, D/I, I/D, D/C

How to Respond Allow time to process 

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce Time to react

Be non threatening

Primary High D /C Pattern

Time to process

Be friendly

Allow for social recognition

Focus on activities

Offer encouragement



How to Relate

How to Help

Give nonverbal assurances

Project affirming body language

Use friendly tones

Give assurances

Allow for freedom of expression

Allow for verbal expression

Allow for some non-structure

Be flexible


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