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Primary I

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Primary High I Pattern

The Pure I pattern tends to be enthusiastic and friendly.  People with this pattern are good at persuading and influencing. They work best in a friendly, favorable environment.  However, they usually lack follow through and objectivity.

Personal Drive

Creating a favorable, friendly environment

Personal Giftedness

Quick of tongue; special ability to affirm and encourage others

Group Giftedness

Relieving tension; articulating information

Internal Fear

Public or social rejection

Overextended Strengths

Speaking without thinking

Under Stress

Becomes careless and disorganized

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Remembering past commitments

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Remaining objective when encountering social pressure

Best Team Members

Pure C, C/S, C/S/D, S/C, D/C

How to Respond Be friendly 

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce Allow for social recognition

Allow time to process

Primary High I Pattern

Time to react

Focus on actions

Allow for control

Focus on activities

Offer encouragement



How to Relate

How to Help

Be brief

Allow for verbal expression

Allow to express feelings

Verbal assurances

Allow for variety

Allow for spontaneity

Allow for non-structure

Be flexible


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