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DISC Products

We offer a number of products – in addition to our professional consulting and biblical training services – to meet a variety of needs.

Below are thumbnail images of our ministry and corporate products and a very short explanation about each product. Click on the image to find out more detail.

  • DISC Action Planners are research based learning instruments that help people to take the insights gained from DISC and apply them to specific business applications.
  • DISC Biblical Personal Profile System is a 20 page, “most/least” DISC instrument originally published in 1984. Authored by Ken Voges, it was the first product to associate Biblical characters with the DISC behavior model.
  • DISC Classic with over 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million use, this remains the most trusted learning instrument in the industry and has been used worldwide.
  • DISC Personal Profile System Software in EPIC is an integrated, internet-based version of the software.
  • DISC Personal Profile System Software Version 3.0
  • DISC Personal Profile System Software Response Forms
  • Discovering Diversity PRofile
  • Epic Credits
  • Role Behavior Analysis
  • Team Dimensions Profile
  • Work Expectations Profile

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