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Desert Storm
Gulf War

It is interesting to note the chain of command in World War II - as it relates to DISC types - was once again substantially repeated much more recently in the Gulf War, or Desert Storm.

Four of these key profiles are:

George H. W. Bush, President


King Fahd, Saudia Arabia


General Colin Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs


General Schwarzkopf, Commander U.S. Central Command


President Bush knew a unilateral action by the United States would not have the impact a coalition of many nations would have. As an S/D, he first built the coalition before any significant activity was allowed to take place.

However, convincing the Saudiís was another matter. In understanding behavior styles, Cheney and Schwarzkopf made critical decisions in presentation format to convince King Fahd to allow UN troops to be stationed on Saudi soil.

Using the DISC model, Ken Voges has written fascinating case studies outlining the strategies used by Marshall, Eisenhower, Bradley, Bush, Cheney, Baker and Schwarzkopf. These exercises are used in secular team building seminars


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