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C/S/D Pattern

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High C/S/D or C/S Patterns

The C/S/D or C/S patterned person is generally reliable and methodical.  C/S/D or C/S’s are most comfortable in an environment of stable conditions and predictable activities.  They tend to have little flexibility and lack self-esteem.

Personal Drive

Validating the accuracy of data; doing things right

Personal Giftedness

Steadiness in completing the assigned task

Group Giftedness

Unwavering dependability; commitment to quality

Internal Fear

Criticism directed toward them

Overextended Strengths

Legalistic in interpreting rules and regulations

Under Stress

Becomes diplomatic with others and/or introspective; self-critical

Interpersonal Misunderstandings

Difficulty focusing on the optimistic side of new ideas, plans, or thoughts

Potential Developmental Opportunities

Being critical of self and others; lowering expectations

Best Team Members

I/D, D/I, S/I, I/S, S/C/I

How to Respond – Be specific

D   I   S    C

How to Reinforce – Freedom to validate

Allow time to process

Primary High C/S/D Pattern

Allow for some variety

Be non threatening

Time to process

Be logical

Time to react



How to Relate –

How to Help –

Give patient answer to questions

Allow for “alone time”

Give nonverbal assurances

Project affirming body language

Use friendly tones

Respect privacy

Allow for some variety

Offer assurances


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