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Allied High Command WW II
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Along with profiling biblical characters, one can look at more recent figures in our military history and see the impact of the meshing of DISC profiles. None is more fascinating than the American leadership team in the European theater of operation in World War II.

Five of these key profiles are:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President

I = D

General Marshall, Chief of Staff


General Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander


General Bradley, 12th Army Group


General Patton, Commanding General, 3rd Army


President Roosevelt gave George Marshall complete freedom to select each team. General Marshall was a master of understanding men and their particular strengths and limitations. As one British historian stated, “He picked magnificently!” He would typically put individuals together based on diversity of and place them in the chain of command where their strengths could best complement and balance each team.

Marshall’s selection of Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton in that order was among his most brilliant moves.


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